That’s right the first photoshop is here! A beautiful panoramic view of Preikestolen in Norway. The images used in the photoshop besides the background are:
1. Plane with Door Open
2. Mario and Luigi Falling
3. Wooden Crate
4. GTA Person Falling and Car falling
5. Person Jumping
6. Patrick Star Mouth Open
7. Squidward playing Clarinet
8. Teletubbies Sun
9. Millenium Falcon Crashing
10. Creepy Angel Statue
11. Docomo Wi-Fi Advertisement in Japan
12. Depressed Tom
13. Droopy the Dog
14. Dat Boi
15. Wile E. Coyote falling
16. Floating Baby Head
17. Bowser Jr. Clown Cart
18. Bowser
If you want it as a background or you want to use it somewhere, get it here.

Epic Cliff