Just for the people who don’t know Spanish: La playa means ‘The Beach.’ This is exactly what this Photoshop is all about. Oh, for a day at the beach! But, as you know, some beaches can get pretty lame. So, we did what we were meant to do and put in an extra amount of spice. Enjoy!

Images Used:
1. Plane on Fire
2. Elmo
3. Sharknado (It is a horrible movie, but hey…)
4. Man being mauled by a Shark
5. Kingler (Pokemon!)
6. Doge Taco
7. Kermit the Frog
8. Hawaiian Man with Ukulele
9. Brad Garrett
10. Man Lounging on Beach
11. Guy in a Shooting Practice
12. Matrix-type Backward Bend
13. Bullets
14. Mario from Super Mario Sunshine
15. Shadow Mario from Super Mario Sunshine