Just breathtaking. Sorry, we can’t, and probably will not publish Explosion 1.0. It contains images of people who have not allowed us to use them. (Family members). We can assure you that this one may not be as legendary as the first one, but it is just as breathtaking.

Images Used:
1. Duck with Scumbag Hat
2. Dankey Kang
3. Flying Dog
4. Goku
5. Trump Tank
6. Sonic
7. Flying Car
8. Turtle
9. Pepe the Frog
10. Akshay Kumar (Dancing Bollywood Guy)
11. Patrick
12. Doge Bread
13. Vladimir Putin
14. Falling Guy
15. Leonardo diCaprio
16. Tingle
17. Deadpool
18. ‘Murica!
19. Didney Worl
20. Llama
21. Bowser
22. Peanut Butter Jelly Time!




Explosion 2.0