Hey guys,

This is not a visual change to the site. It is a change to how the team will be posting and creating photoshops. This won’t affect you guys very much, but we thought it was best we told all of you what will be happening. Currently, we work together to create one photoshop a week, brainstorming ideas together and finally giving them to you guys to view and download. Since one of us is in the United States and the other is in India, we were able to get away with publishing regularly with only one person on summer vacation. Now, school has started in America too, so we can’t publish very easily because we would only be able to work with each other on Saturday’s and Sunday’s evenings and mornings. After brainstorming what we could do help the situation, we decided that these changes will be made to the site. 1. Photoshops will not always be made with collaboration. We are going to stop making all the photoshops together, and play around with limitless creativity. Each description will be signed with a nickname for identification of the creator. 2. We are thinking of having a vote sometime near Christmas to see whose photoshops you liked better. It won’t change anything for the person who loses, it would just be for fun. More updates on that coming soon. 3. We will now accept private photoshops. This means you can send us an image in the got photoshop ideas page of the site, and we will do something to it to make it epic, wierd, or just crazy. Please specify that you want the photoshop to be private or we will publish it. Also, if you want, you can specify which creator does the job. All these changes will begin the moment this is published. We hope these changes will make your experience better. Stay epic!

-3pic -PI